27 July 2014

Beautiful People: Sierra "Squirrel" Lebron

(Sierra wears a corset by Tiffany Moy, a necklace by Ladyfied Vintage, vintage pants, converse, and a bangle by A. Bernadette)

Sierra Lebron is a New York based, globally inspired midwife-in-training, doula, jewelry designer, and all around fashion aficionado and healer. Her work is a daily moving meditation in spirituality and the affirmation of life. Whether designing jewelry, or dancing for Yemaya, Sierra, better known as "Squirrel" is a beacon of inspiration.

I am a reflection of your beauty.

(Photo Credit: Kamau Ware)

Sierra's Relationship to Brazil 

I am waiting to run through South America. 

Endless Singing and Dancing

Squirrel is truly a Beautiful Person to watch. 

Thank you, Sierra-Squirrel-Yemaya, for your beauty, artistry, talent and grace! You make our world better,


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