26 July 2014

Beautiful People: Wismine Joseph

(Wismine Joseph wears a headpiece necklace by Marlandia, smock and shorts by STATE, and shoes provided by Krystalla Pearce). Photo by Austin Phelps

Wismine Joseph is a traveler, thinker, and a daily philosopher of life. Born in Haiti, she has spent a significant time living in the United States, Colombia, and Brazil. She is a first generation college graduate of Wesleyan University and is deeply invested in socioeconomic justice, with her own personal journey informing that perspective. 

I am originally from Hinche, Haiti and came to America when I was 5. I am currently a nursing student. My art is writing poetry and one day a book (hopefully). Modeling has been a secret fantasy of mine so I had to take the opportunity to be fierce, like a cheetah. There was a lot of love and good energy in the studio and I feel so lucky to to have been part of the shoot. 

Unrequited Love by Wismine Joseph

The breeze is not as gentle, 
The birds don't sing as sweet 
Because there is no hope 
Of you ever loving me. 
\A fool to think for a moment 
That those distant stares, 
And smiles beneath the trees 
Meant more than what was there. 
\I was blinded by the fire 
Burning in your eyes. 
I was moved by the passion 
Dwelling in your mind. 
\You came with whispers 
And stole my self-reliance. 
While creeping under my soul, 
You made light of your defiance. 
\You have no place by my side, 
Not a reason left to stay. 
Forget thoughts of speaking, 
There is nothing more to say.

Wismine's Relationship to Brazil 

I lived in Brazil for about a year (with breaks in between). I initially went to teach English in Sao Paulo for 3 months. I spent the rest of my time in Salvador and traveling to other northeastern cities. 
I loved all the sunny days in Rio and Salvador.

Wismine is a truly a Beautiful Person to watch.

Thank you, Wismine, for your beauty, artistry, talent and grace! You make our world better,


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