09 May 2012

NYC Fair Trade Coalition Meets Kate Black of Magnifeco!

So, today, something told me not to procrastinate and get my little self- reciclaGEM recycled gem ring in tow- to L.E.S. (lower*east*side) eco boutique mecca, SustainableNYC, for a fabulous event hosted by NYC Fair Trade Coalition. This event brought together designers, entrepreneurs and eco-fashion enthusiasts alike to meet the one and only, Kate Black, founder of Magnifeco, a digital eco-fashion blog daily showing you what you really need in your fashionable and stylish life right now.

After much chatting, Fair trade wine drinking, elevator pitches and experience sharing, we took an impromptu group photo! Let me tell you who all these fabulous women are:

(From upper-left clockwise: ME!! creator of reciclaGEM; Nimet- co-founder of Soham Dave; Kate- founder of Magnifec; Rhea, founder of Digs.com; Kibonen Nfi; Pamela, chairperson of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition; and Alexice To, founder of My Fair Label)- google these women! They are brilliant.

Eco Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Triple Bottom Line, Fashion that Cares about Keeping YOU & THE PLANET ALIVE! is truly a new perspective in the industry built on cooperation, mutual support, sharing, shout outs and a whole lot of love. Tonight was a wonderful continuation of the eco-fashion love fest that is going to not only take over this city, this nation, but this world. You want in, don't you? Of course you do! That's why you're reading: btw, thank you for reading. Your eyes glossing over this post is one way to get linked in. Joining the NYC Fair Trade Coalition, reciclaGEM-The Movement, connecting with Kate and the other fabulous women on this post is another.

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  1. love this photo. this is a great meeting that started a lot of good karma :)