05 July 2012

reIndependence Day: This Bomba will not be televised

Last night/this morning was...glorious. Glorious glorious glorious. Beautiful, revolutionary visual, literary and life artists gathered under the full moon to re-explore through drumming, bomba, and Kalakuta-esque fashions the true meaning of America. Hailing from la República Dominicana, México, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, France, District of Columbia, New York, Miami, and so many other beautiful countries and states within the Americas and beyond, these revolutionaries collectively created a space where merriment helped to prepare the air for bi-lingual readings of Frederick Douglas' 4th of July Speech-what the 4th of July- historically- is really about, discussions on Frank Oceans and the beauty that is freedom to love, the Indigenous American foundations of the Church of Latter Day Saints (please get any pre-conceived, media derived (mis)understandings out of your mind), and the collective feeling of acceptance less by the USofAmerica and more by the hybrid landscape of the AmericaS.

Below please find some beautiful photos, courtesy of Oscar Brown- more on facebook. Drumming, reciclaGEM bomba skirts, Kalakuta bras, Global Earthy Mamas, a preview of my September 11th Project, and Revolution.



Happy Birthday, reciclaGEM. Best b-day ever :)

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