04 May 2013

El Anatsui, Rancière and the ReDistribution of the Sensible

What happens inside your mind’s eye when you look at an amoeba like structure that, from a distance, scintillates as if structured of microprisms but up close, resembles the bottle cap trash at the bottom of your local bar or city dump?

(Photo Cred: ReciclaGEM)

I don’t know about you but my mind’s eye has made a bit of a metaphysical shift, where, completely independent of any external, man-made substance, I am cosmically led down a psychedelic path into the possibilities of a new world.

(Photo Cred: ReciclaGEM)

That is what we call a Re Distribution of the Sensible.

That is what we call re-thinking the objects that we replete the earth to create and throw back into the earth unusuable.
(Photo Cred: ReciclaGEM)

That is what we call the ability to see a bottle cap and think, this is not a bottle cap but a prism into a new world.

Thank you, El Anatsui. Continue your world tour of scintillating, recycled masterpieces, opening minds and hearts as you go. 
(Photo Cred: ReciclaGEM)

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